Home Care and Property Management

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Home Care and Property Management

Mr. Honey Do works for people who simply do not have the time or energy to maintain their Tahoe Vacation/Investment/Rental home.

About Our Home Care/Property Management Services

We take care of everything needed to be done at your home or cabin so you can enjoy the free time you deserve. Mr. Honey Do has an eye for detail and notifies our customers of potential problems before they arise. It is our goal to create a worry-free experience to help our clients relax and enjoy the serenity of their homes.

Mr. Honey Do offers service plans to fit your specific wants or needs. The most popular is our Weekly Walk Through. Mr. Honey Do walks through your property each week. Depending on the season, Mr. Honey Do looks for different items/specifics to make sure everything is secure and safe on your property. Clients receive a weekly email report.

Exceed the Customers’ Expectations

Mr. Honey Do, Inc., is a fully insured company which offers excellent service at a competitive price. We work through the philosophy of exceeding the customers’ expectations.

Mr. Honey Do is comprised of 4-5 full-time employees handling year round work. During summer months several additional part-time employees are added to keep up with the high volume of work.